Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well it's Official

Well it's Official......... My trip to South America with Karen Russell has been cancelled!!

Due to the massive mudslides that struck Peru, the travel company has decided to cancel the trip. The mudslides wiped out all passageways along the Inca trail from Cuzco to the Holy City of Machu Picchu. It took  military helicopters several days to rescue thousands of tourists trapped by the mudslides.

This trip was like a dream come true for me! I was beyond excited about this trip since it was much more than a was a going to be a thrilling & exciting adventure! It was a trip promised to be filled with discovery & exploration. A National Geographic Explorer type expedition rather than a plush holiday resort vacation. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I've been building up my physical strength all year for this journey! I was really looking forward to seeing the Amazon jungle & walking among the ruins of Machu Picchu, seeing the busy streets of Lima, and so much more!! And making it even more special was that I (and a small group of others) would be sharing this experience with  famed photographer & scrapbooker, Karen Russell!! (I just adore her)

Needless to say, I am very so disappointed. Some tears have been shed! Words really can't even describe how bummed I am!!!

As things stand right now, I will file my claim with the insurance company to get a refund. Thank goodness I purchased trip insurance!! The travel company is very optimistic that the trip will definitely take place next year.

March 2011 seems so far away! The long wait will be hard!! But I'm excited and looking forward to the experience!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Clickin Moms

Do you want to learn how to rock that camera you have? Well check out Clickin Moms!! It's a really great site filled with woman who have a love for photography!  Their forum is filled with lots of helpful topics & tutorials! It's a wonderful place to gather information & support!!  Check them out here!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Savvy Photographer

If you're like me, you take your camera everywhere with you! I usually stick my big ole Canon in my purse when I go to town or the park or where ever. Sure, I have a camera bag, but it looks like a camera bag!

I have been wishing someone would design a camera bag just for us women, that is stylish & functional and can also be used as a purse! Well check out these beautiful Kelly Moore bags! They come in a variety of pretty colors and The Savvy Photographer is giving away one of these beauties too!!

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