Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Blog

Welcome to my new blog. This is the first requirement for the Photography 101 class. Yikes! A blog?? I'm already feeling intimidated! I have enjoyed photography my entire life. I never go anywhere without a camera. Just ask my family & friends. When the digital revolution hit I put away my 35mm SLR and replaced it with a digi point & shoot. Love it, but I felt it was time to advance my skills and equiptment. So, Santa being the good boy he is, gave me a Canon Rebel XTi for Christmas!! Woohoo! Thank you Santa Baby!! I am so excited about learning more about photography and improving my skills. I'll still continue to carry my P&S in my purse so I'm seldom if ever without a camera; however my main objective is to learn how to use my new Rebel to it's fullest potential! Please feel free to leave critique comments, as I have so much to learn. Your thoughts and advice will help make me better at what I love! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Canon Rebel XTi
Lens 18-55mm
Lens 75-300mm
Sony Cyber-shot
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