Saturday, May 24, 2008

34 Years!!!

OK, so super dorky picture of us, I know...but hey....we can still laugh & it's all good!!
Today we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary!!! It was such a great day.....nothing fancy mind you....just an ordinary day that was truly wonderful! The weather was warm, which allowed us to catch up on tons of mowing around the place.
Late in the afternoon we stopped by to visit a friend who happens to be a very gifted artisan/glass blower. We hung out at his studio for a while and watched him work on a piece for a local winery. (I'm forcing myself to use my new camera in manual mode...big mistake, as all my shots at the studio came out too dark....oh well, guess we'll just have to go back another day)
For dinner we drove into town to eat at a local resturaunt...nothing fancy, just good food at an affordable price. The evening ended with a rare, but spectacular thunder storm! I love storms!! It was the perfect ending to an already perfect day!!


Raechelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! That's wonderful! It sounds like you had a perfect day. :)

Danielle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 34 years, that is so awesome!!!! Congrats!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!

Staci said...

Wow, congrats on 34 years! That's an awesome accomplishment! Glad you had a great day!

dannisdoodles said...

OMGosh I LOOOOOOVE the pic of the two of you, absolutely screams love and fun! Happy Anniversary, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

hugs & love!

Susan Goetter said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like the perfect day!!

Charity Sorrells said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

You guys are such an inspiration! Love you:)

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