Friday, July 4, 2008

The BIG Snip

Well I had been planning this for a while now; another hair donation for the Locks of Love. I've been doing this for well over 20 years, so you'd think it would get easier each time....but it doesn't! It's still very traumatic cutting all that hair off!!
The very first time I did it, I went from below fanny length to Pixie length! OMG!!! What the **** was I thinking!! It was such a shock!!! I actually cried for maybe months! I felt naked, exposed and embarrassed to be seen....well actually I felt like a freak!
Over the years I have learned a secret, or at least this is what works for me. When I cut my hair for a donation, I make sure I still have it long enough so that I can put it in a ponytail or clip. That way it still feels somewhat normal.
I always cut off 14" because that's my lucky number and each donation is made in memory of someone I have loved and lost.
If you would like more information on hair donations please contact Locks of Love and or Wigs For Kids.
It's a good thing!


Andrea Amu said...

Wow, that was some major hair you had! I'm sure it feels so much lighter... i know mine always does when I decide to chop it off! Good for you, I'm sure you'll donation will be appreciated!
~Andrea (CMK)

Amy W. said...

wowzers....that's a lot for one cutting. i admire your continued support for such a great cause. :)

Patter Cross said...

Such a wonderful donation!!!! Your hair is gorgeous and will bless those that receive it! And love it cut too! Adorable!

Vel said...

I think that is so fabulous you did that, Debbie. Good for you!

p.s. I LOVE your music choice on this. :)

JJ Sobey said...

Thanks for posting these pictures - AND your feelings about it. I feel quite similar, so it's nice to know it's not just me, LOL! I'll post pics at Creative Scrappers soon!

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