Friday, December 26, 2008

Challenge for the Year 2009

Here's a great challenge for everyone for the year 2009! I did this last year and it was fun & inspiring! All you need to do is choose a word.....and make that your word for the year! You can scrap about it, blog about it, or better yet make it your daily mantra!!

A few years ago Ali Edwards posted this wonderful idea on her blog. She has a huge selection of words listed here to help get you started.

Last year I chose simplify. This year my word is 'Learn'. I need to learn and accept the fact that I cannot do some of the things I could 6 months ago, but I can learn to do them in a different way. I need to learn to balance my life better. I can't be all things, for all people anymore. I need to learn to say no. I intend to learn more about photography by taking a class with Karen Russell. I plan to learn new techniques to apply to my scrapbooking. I will continue to learn more about humanity through volunteer work, and in the process I will learn more about myself. I hope to learn more about another culture by traveling there.

It's amazing how one little word can make such a difference in your life!! Join me wont you, and choose a word......just one word, and Live it!!



Anonymous said...

You've been shoveling too much LOL

....just kidding!!

I think it's a great idea

Leigh said...

I like this idea. Two years ago, I picked joy and last year, it was simplify.
I still need to pick one for 2009.

Anonymous said...

Yup,I always do that too! Last year my word was "moderation" and for the coming year I have chosen "positivity"

Audrey Pettit said...

Ooh, and you didn't tell us your word! Great idea! I think I'll give this a try.

Juliana said...

I love this idea! Thanks for reminding me to do this! I did it several years ago with "be".

Audrey Pettit said...

Great word choice, Debbie! I think this is very inspirational, and I really want to do this, too. For some reason, I am stumbling on the perfect word. I know the concept I am looking for.....but it will come to me, sometime. ;)

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