Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Friday Faves

Wow...I've been a slacker lately getting my 5 faves posted! Life has just been really busy and filled with excitement!! This week I am posting about the 5 things that brought me joy & made me smile!

♥ ♥ Planning my daughter's wedding!!
♥ ♥ Finding out the sex of our newest grandchild....sorry, it's a secret! My Son & DIL are expecting their second child in July!
♥ ♥ Spring! It's finally here!! It's wet....but it's here!!
♥ ♥ New shoes! Yep, I got em!!
♥ ♥ and lastly this photo of my lovey girl Miss Riley! It just makes me smile!!


pink4u said...

Those are AWESOME Favorites!!!!A wedding and a baby!!!!!! :)!!!!!!
WOW!! Congrats to you and your family....

Love the the fact that winter is over!!! Pet Riley for me....what a sweetie:)

Gine said...

WoW....awesome fives Debbie
congrats congrats

Have a great weekend
enjoy is such a wonderful time after a long winter

ps...I love winter (here in FL that is)

Aeify said...

What a sweet girl! And congrats on the new baby!`

Tammy said...

Sooo jealous about the shoes!! have had a great week!!! Weddings, babies and 3 favorite things!! Oh and new shoes too!! =o)

Lynette said...

Wonderful things that make you happy:)

Lynn said...

lots af great favs...babies, shoes, weddings & a cutey pooch!! that has gotta make everyone happy~

Jane said...

love that photo of your dog!!!

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