Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digging in the Dirt

OMGosh!! What a weekend!! We've had the water leak from hell! The past few days have been spent digging in the dirt, and chipping away at concrete!! Literally from 'sun up, til sun down' we have been busting our butts!!! Well, actually hubby's been doing the back breaking work, I'm just his chief gopher....(go-fer-this & go-fer-that)!!! I can't do a lot of the hard physical stuff really, other than shallow digging with the shovel; but fortunately hubby taught me how to operate a tractor & hoe at an early age, so I can help with that! Being without water for days really sucks!! Having a very costly repair bill sucks even more!!

Having almost a 1/4 mile of waterline to check and isolate is time consuming. There's a reprieve in the rain storms, so it's time to get digging! Having one of the wettest months on record didn't help the situation any. The ground is saturated, but this was the most logical section for the leak. The ground is soggy and has experienced a lot of settling.

Time to isolate another section and install another gate valve.
The closer to the house we get, the more frustrating the situation. Oh please don't let the leak be under the porch!!

Listening to the saw, drill & jack hammer is bad enough. But listening to all that loud noise echo & vibrate off the house and porch is like being in a drum with someone pounding on it with a lead pipe! Seriously it makes your head & ears ring for days!Well $h@@t! Finally located it and it's at the point of transition where the copper pipe in the house meets the PVC outside.....and it's in the worst possible place ever!!! Under the front porch which is concrete!!!!

The sun has set and the tools are put away! Still no water, but the glue is drying!!! We'll see what happens tomorrow when we pressurize the line and the house! Hopefully it's all fixed!!


pink4u said...

Oh my gosh Debbie...I feel so bad for you guys...what a HUGE and unwanted project!! I hope today is better for you!

Love your layouts from last week..just beautiful...looking forward to your flower tutorial :)

Hang in there!!

Lynette said...

That is really terrible...and Murphy's law...In the worst place.

I trust today will be a better day for you.

LOL... the word verification is a true Afrikaans (my home language) four letter word!

Holly said...

Wow, that does NOT look like fun at all!! Well, except for playing on the big yellow machine, I'm ALL for that!! I hope that it's all fixed and you have water again!!

And, btw, your house is beautiful!! Absolutely lovely, and what beautiful trees!

Karen Lee said...

Oh Debbie....what a mess for you guys! Hopefully you've found the leak and its fixed. But what great photo's you have to scrap of the event....LOL!!!

hugs, Karen Lee

cheryln said...

so sorry for you water woes! hopefully it all will be fixed soon!

phamil said...

Awwww, Debbie, I'm so sorry it was under the porch after all, that really bites. Hope things get better. If it helps any, you're not alone, we've had a little string of bad luck too! LOL!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Oh my gosh!!! Go figure the leak had to be in such a difficult spot aye?.....So glad you've got it all fixed and the water running again! At least you can move your barbeque to the long weekend right?

~Gabi xx

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