Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a few shots

Just a few shots from the World Wide Photo Walk last weekend. The weather was spectacular!! We also had several friends living in various parts of the country who also participated in this event! I thought that was really cool!! I'm already looking forward to next years event!!

Bridge at sunset.

Doorway under bridge.

Someone's backyard located next to the bridge. They created their own private little oasis with a great green house and blue flamingo.

Public office works building and sculpture.

Cathedral arches under bridge.


cheryln said...

great pics!!

Julie Howard said...

These are all awesome... it's hard for me to pic a fave. But if I had to choose, I'd say it's the green door - it looks so European - like you traveled half way around the globe to snap that pic.

LISA said...

Great pics!! I have yet to unload mine. Wasn't it fun!! I had a blast in my walk in Tarpon Springs, and the food was fabulous as always!!

Jane said...

WOW girl...these are magnificient!!! you are so talented with that camera!!!

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