Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend Fun

We went to the mountains this past weekend for a Street Rod show. The weather was a bugger. Had two days of pouring rain & two days of sun! The car show is a 2 day event, filled with contests, music, a parade and Show-n-Shine.

Every block of this lovely little mountain community was decorated with beautiful bronze sculptures created by local artists.

Afterwards we did a little sight-seeing, exploring and some hiking.  The mountain streams were still raging with winter run-off! 


We took the tram up to the mountain top and spent the afternoon hiking around. Many of the trails were still covered in snow, but we still found plenty to see at 8257 feet!! The views were spectacular, and Yeah, the air is a little thin up there!

We were surprised to see these little chipmunks running all over the place. This little guy was so curious about my camera and just sat there on my lap watching me for the longest time.


Finally decided it was time to share a bit of our lunch with them!!


Sometimes huffing & puffing around 8200 feet is worth it!!



Cheryl Nelson said...

Such fabulous photos!!

Lynn Biermann said...

Awesome photos!!! Had to chuckle at the "huffin & puffin"... that is so true Thanks for sharing :D

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