Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cards for Heroes

Cards for Heroes is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing hope to soldiers overseas by providing handmade cards. Thousands of private citizens have come together through a common love of crafting and the desire to honor our armed forces serving on our behalf.

Regardless of what we think about the conflicts currently going on around the world, we as crafters can agree that our heroes are brave, honorable, and deserve our support. These cards allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones at home.
Your lovely handmade cards will be delivered to troops overseas in bulk shipments. The cards are placed in areas where soldiers can choose their own, write a message, and send them back to loved ones at home for 'Free'. For families waiting at home, a card from your soldier is a cherished gift! It may not seem like a much, but deployments are long......and after not hearing from your loved one for long periods of time, these little handmade cards with our loved ones handwriting inside mean so very much!

I am a military Mom! Supporting projects like this is really important to me! I am truly grateful to our military for their service & sacrifice!!

If you wish to participate, all you have to do is make a card, or several cards for the Cards for Heroes program. This would also be a really great project to get your children involved in or your Scout Troup or 4-H Group.


-NO glitter! This is very important! Glitter gets on soldiers uniforms and makes them visible with night-vision goggles.

-Best size card to make is A2 (4.25 x 5.5) but any size card is acceptable.

-Dark Cardstock: This is ok to use but make sure that you put a light colored liner inside your card. Soldiers rarely have access to light colored pens.

Mail your completed cards to:

Fabre Sanders
32 Temi Rd
Holliston, MA 01746

Sandy Allnock
35205 13th PL SW
Federal Way, WA 98023

Kris Allan
12152 S Summit St
Olathe, KS 66062

Thank you! The Gratitude Campaign

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