Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gorgeous Mosaic Art

I was blog surfing last night due to insomnia and came across this wonderful website Lavender Hill Studios. The artist Penny Carlson creates the most beautiful pieces of mosaic art! I LOVE projects like this!! Isn't this little table fabulous!! I think this is so pretty and will make a beautiful addition to my daughter's bedroom! I have been hanging onto some broken china that was much too beautiful to throw out, and I've been saving it with a project like this in mind. Plus I also have a little table almost identical to this that will work perfectly! This is at the top of my 'Must Do' project list! Once the winter rains begin, I will definitely get started on this project!! I just love being able to re-purpose, reclaim and reuse items!!



If you are interested in learning how to create a mosaic project like this, the artist Penny Carlson also sells a how-to-ebook with step by step instructions.


Jane said...


Lynette said...

I have a table like that...if I mosaic it my DH will have a fit as it ia an antique. I might just do it though:)

phamil said...

Debbie, it really is quite pretty! You'll have to post pics of the one that you do! I'm sure it will be gorggeous!!!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Hi Debbie. I followed your link from your comment on Lynette's post.

I'm so in love with your table! I love antiques and I love doing painting and distressing teqniques. Always wanted to try my hand at mosaicing. Your little project might just be what I needed to convince me not to delay any more! :)

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