Friday, August 29, 2008

Me 101

My good friend Julie created a list of 101 random things about herself. I really enjoyed reading her list and thought it was so much fun learning a little bit more about her. Since I've had some extra time on my hands I figured I'd come up with my own list to share. So here's some random nonsense about me.

1. I am deliriously content with my life
2. I love to drive fast
3. I used to be a kick-ass Racquet ball player
4. I love junk food, but rarely eat it
5. I have suffered with debilitating migraines my entire adult life
6. I am terrified of Ferris wheels
7. I am seriously needle phobic
8. I am very shy
9. I am very frugal, practical, clip coupons & recycle
10. I’m not high maintenance
11. I love animals
12. I can’t imagine my life without dogs
13. I cry every time my dog Miss Riley gets sick
14. I can’t watch the Sara McLaughlin ASPCA commercial without breaking down into tears
15. I love being a wife & mother
16. I hate scary movies
17. I love romantic comedies
18. I love my bed
19. I love my husband more than life itself
20. My husband is such an amazing & honorable person
21. My hubby is an extremely hard worker
22. I love warm summer afternoons
23. I love Fall
24. Christmas is my favorite Holiday
25. I can listen to Christmas music all year long
26. I love Kix cereal with banana slices
27. I love fresh fallen snow
28. I love shoes
29. I have NO tattoos (see #7)
30. I laugh every time I watch Craig Ferguson
31. I can operate a track-hoe, and quite well I might add.
32. I'm a whiz on a tractor
33. I love sports cars
34. I love orange Gatorade
35. I hate confrontations
36. I love showers
37. I love to sew, knit & crochet
38. Brighton is one of my most favorite stores ever
39. I am a good cook & I’m an even better baker
40. I hate plain water….it must have ice
41. If I order a Pepsi it’s always with no ice
42. I hate having my silverware touch the table in a restaurant
43. I look ridiculous in short hair
44. I hate mushrooms & olives
45. I worked for 10 years as a substitute teacher
46. I am a really hard worker & loyal employee
47. I love to go fishing, but hate to clean them
48. I love camping
49. I love NASCAR
50. I love to swim. I love the sensation of gliding though the water.
51. I love black licorice
52. I have pierced ears
53. I love wearing jeans, T-shirts, long skirts & summer dresses
54. I love super comfy clothes
55. I never wear lipstick. I don’t even own a tube.
56. I really want to improve my photography
57. I love my UGGS
58. I really need to get new glasses
59. I love the smell of coffee
60. I love old dolls and Barbies, and still have some of mine from childhood
61. I had dreams of being a doctor
62. I dreamed of being a photo journalist
63. I dreamed of becoming a gymnast
64. Spiders totally freak me out
65. I HATE eating off of a plastic fork or spoon
66. I love gardening & have a green thumb
67. My mother & oldest daughter are carbon copies of each other, both in physical appearance & personality.
68. I rarely watch daytime TV
69. I love old TV shows like I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith Show
70. I’m annoyed by people who do not accept responsibility for the their own actions
71. I am annoyed by parents who allow their children to run around uncontrollably in stores and allow them to play with store merchandise
72. I am annoyed by people who don’t practice what they preach
73. I am annoyed by self important people
74. I am annoyed by people who constantly live way beyond their means and then cry about being broke
75. I am annoyed by people who twist the truth to an entirely different dimension
76. I hate eggs
77. I love living in the country
78. I love homemade tapioca pudding
79. I will only drink chocolate milk
80. I wish we were rich
81. I have a very eclectic taste in music
82. I really enjoy my iPod
83. I have a very keen sense of knowing when someone is being truthful or not
84. I have a huge circle of friends
85. I love the outdoors
86. I return shopping carts to their proper space
87. I try to do or say at least one kind thing every day
88. I love all the colors of the rainbow
89. I love hot cocoa
90. I love the smell of Autumn. It’s crisp & clean and sometimes there’s a hint of smoke in the air
91. I love antiques
92. I love shopping for antiques
93. I love handmade items
94. My house is way too cluttered
95. I inherited the ‘Pack Rat’ gene from my Gramma
96. My Grandmother lived to be 100
97. I love to travel
98. I have seen the Redwoods
99. I have seen the Grand Canyon
100. I have been to Alaska & watched the Iditarod
101. I’ve delivered a litter of 13 Puppies and also a Calf


Jane said...

Wow....this is a hugh list but I liked reading through it!!! and we have some wonderful similarites!!! Don't know if I would have the patience for a list that long however!!!

Sharon said...

I loved reading your list.........might think of starting one myself. Thanks Deb and it is amazing how many things we have in common!!

Cheers SHaron

Staci said...

Your list confirms what I already thought of you Debbie - you are an awesome person!! And I think I love #1 the best - what an awesome thing to be able to say! How is your foot coming along?

Vel said...

Oh my, Debbi, I can relate to so many of these it's not even funny. Spiders and shopping carts and animals...oh my! :)

Manda_K said...

Debbie....ummmm....#6 I am so with you! Hahaa!! We are so different! WOW! Loved reading your list!

Susan said...

YOU, my dear, are an amazing woman! It would take me FOREVER to make a list like this...but....I might just give it a go...LOL!

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow--we have alot in common!!!! Nice to learn more about you...

Lauren said...

I love these lists! thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Gosh, love your list, no way I could come up with 100 interesting facts about myself :)

Laura Davis said...

This is darling!! I loved reading about you, hey we are very similar:)
I might have to do this:)

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