Saturday, August 2, 2008

Layin' low & bored stiff!!

I knew this time was coming and I thought I was prepared for the down time, but I'm bored stiff!! This is my 5th foot surgery, so I've been down this road before, but it doesn't make it any easier. It's boring being confined to bed.
The first few days were great!!! I watched the last two season's of Weeds. ROFLMBO!!!!! Super funny series!!! Thanks girls for the recommendation!!!
I can't read much as the pain meds affect my ability to concentrate and blur my vision. But I did discover some really amazing products sold on those 3am Infomercials! LOL.....LOL
My hubby has been a great doctor, fluffing my pillows & bringing me popcicles, and my kids have been ever so helpful! Anything I need, they are here to help me!
I've also been doing a lot of blog surfing. Wish now I had started on some ATC's....I think I could work on those while horizontal!
I should enjoy this time.....soon enough I'll be back to normal.....and wishing for a quiet day in bed.


Danielle said...

ohh, I hope that you are up and going soon! I know the feeling of being "stuck" in bed! no fun!! blogs are fun to read though! :) or you can shop!

Stamping Dog Mom said...

I wish you a speedy recovery! It's a good thing you can surf the net and do some blogging during your "down" time, I would go nuts too being confined to bed!

Staci said...

Oh gosh, you poor thing! How long are you confined to bed for? Hope you are able to enjoy catching up on TV and movies while it lasts! :-)

Julia said...

OMW Debbie poor old you. Hope you won't be laid up for too long and pleased the family are looking after you.
Take care Hugs to you hun!

Vel said...

Hope you're back to feeling like yourself again real soon! :)

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