Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Fabulous Award times 3

In the past week I have received the Fabulous Blog Award from 3 different friends, Julie H., Heidi, and Dee! Thanks girls, for thinking I am worthy enough to receive this very special award!!

Once you accept this Fabulous Award, you need to list five addictions, and then pass the award on to 5 fabulous friends!

So in no particular order, my addictions are:

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Uggs & Warm Wooly Socks (hey it's still freezing cold here)
3. My iPod
4. Fresh Fruit Smoothies
5. Orange Gatorade

I am nominating the following Fabulous bloggin' babes!!




Julie B.



Karen Lee said...

Thanks Sweetie!! I just received this award, I'll edit my post to include you as also awarding it me!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Staci said...

Ooh, I like your addictions, especially #1 ;-)

Mireille said...

thank you sweetie!!! let's pay it forward =D

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