Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Favs

It's time for Friday Faves!

One of my favorite chocolates!! MoonStruck

LOVE Letters

I love flourishes! Flourishes are popping up everywhere! This afternoon I went to see my local sewing dealer because I need to replace my dead sewing machine, and look what I found! How pretty is this sewing machine!!!! Sadly I did not come home with it. Bernina

And these Birki's.......aren't they Cute!!!! I do have these and love them!! Birkenstock Noppy Sandals
The Noppy Noppys from Birkis Spring/Summer 2009

And who doesn't love Damask! Isn't this stamp beautiful!!
Flourish Stamps


And I leave you with this funny!!!!!

Enjoy!! ROFLMAO!!!!!


Gine !!! said...

That video is hilarious :lol:
He he I have had my chocolate fix today, those looks yummy
I'm in a swirly state state of mind too lately ..That stamp is soooo pretty
Have a great weekend and thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog

Kathleen said...

Lol - oh bugger!!

Moonstruck hey?? Havent heard of them, mustn't get them in Oz :(

Love the flourishes on the sewing machine, how adorable!


Darlene said...

haha! Funny video! love to read your faves every Friday!

Jane said...

LOL!!! too funny!!! love the sewing machine and I am in the market for one HMMMM!!!

Lynn said...

I noticed the flourishes everywhere too! I have seen them on tv commercials & all over magazine ads! They scraplifted us LOL!

Lucy Edson said...

Love your faves, Debbie! The sewing machine, especially! ;)

Then the chocolate.

Anonymous said...

HA HA!! I LOVE that video!!! I have it on my blog too thanks to you! :-)

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