Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bear & The Mountain

We had an absolutely amazing time in the Olympic National Forest. The views from Hurricane Ridge are breathtaking!

You are literally on top of the world! We were so fortunate to have nice weather.......hot actually, as you can see by my tank-top!

The park is so beautiful and filled with wonderful hiking trails! After we did some hiking & exploring we returned to the car. Just as we started driving down the road I spotted this bear!

He's just over the bank...(that gravel along the bottom of the photo is the shoulder of the roadway.) So of course we stop to snap some pictures. First we looked around for cubs or additional bears. Since the coast looked clear we got out of the car to get a closer look. Not sure if that was crazy or not, but it was exciting! I was shaking like a leaf and snapping pictures like a mad woman!!

The closer we got to the bear, the closer it walked towards us! As you can see the ground was steep & gravely. I was afraid of slipping & falling, but so excited at the same time!

We finally got to about 100 feet from the bear. I took this shot of the back of hubby's head just to help give perspective of the distance between us and the bear.

I think he or she really does look snuggley....(from a distance!) Thankfully it seemed more interested in dinner than in us.....but we were ready to run at a moments notice!!


Lynette said...

Great photos! Crazy seeing you in a tanktop with snow on the mountain behind you.

Holly said...

I just love the pictures of you on a snowy mountain in a tank top. Weren't you cold?

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

These pic's are just amazing Debbie!!....and I've got to say, lovely photo of you too! You look like a delicate ballerina....I'd kill to be so slim.....well, seriously maim! LOL!!

~gabi xx

VAWM said...

Debbie, you look beautiful and the scenery is phenomenal! Gorgeous photos!

pink4u said...

Wow!!! Your pictures are so amazing..I hope that was a zoom lens with that Black Bear!!!! Glad you had a great vacation!!!! :)

Mireille said...

oh my goodness girl!!! such awesome shots!! looking really amazing.. and .. I love that shot of you!! You need to scrap it.. you understand that right??!!!

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