Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A late surprise!

This evening while cooking dinner another pregnant doe shows up! This is the first time we have even seen one go this late into the season. Usually they always have their babies starting the end of May through the first of June. I find it fascinating that they come out into the open to deliver their babies. She's been acting a bit peculiar and I think she's experiencing some contractions by the way she's acting. I bet she'll have it tonight!! I have my camera set up and ready, but I fear once again dusk will turn to darkness and I wont get any photos of the birth! Sweet looking isn't she!!! I don't like the flies on her face, but guess that's a part of nature!


VAWM said...

Hope she gives you a little baby fawn to photograph soon!

cheryln said...

I'm just lovin' living this vicariously through you! Thanks so much for sharing!

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