Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Red & the Twins

Big Red had her set of twins this past weekend!! They are just as cute as can be!! So we now have a total of 5 newborns running around here!!! They're so cute!!

Big Red is such a good mommy letting the baby fawn nurse and keep a watchful eye out for danger.
These little babes are so frisky & playful and so much fun to watch!!
Ooops....they hear something that makes them run for cover!

And then this handsome fella shows up this afternoon and just lays around for most the day. He's got some nice spike horns on him!Wonder which one will show up next?


Lynette Jacobs said...


angelwhispers said...

Oh they are so gorgeous!! Keep up with the beautiful picture's xx

cnelson said...

oh so sweet!!!

Holly Denghel said...

That is just too cool. What a fabulous place you live in!

VAWM said...

Debbie, these photos are wonderful. I love the little spots on the fawns. They are beautiful. And that lazy boy is cute too! He'll be a tough one some day! Thanks for sharing your corner of Oregon!

Jane F. Smith said...

oh this is fabulous Debbie!!! what a treat huh?!

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